Tipis for Your Own Wedding / Event

Finding their inspiration from the northern Scandinavian peoples who lived near the Arctic Circle, these european tents are a welcome change to the white plastic tents and barns of todays events. Built to withstand the elements, they are built with modern techniques and fabrics that are weatherproof and flame retardant.   

These spacious tents are deceptively large and will amaze your guests when they enter, being amazed at their 24 foot height inside. The hand-hewn natural poles, the color of the sun through the natural canvas, and at night with fairy lights, they become almost magical.  

The tipis have a versatile design that allows multiple tents to be linked together with walls up, down, or a combination of the two, which makes them the perfect option for any event during any season. With their sides lifted, they provide a spacious, open event space during warmer weather and with the walls down they offer a cozy intimate setting perfect for colder weather.  

Whether you are throwing an intimate backyard get together or a beautiful wedding celebration, with our tents you can create a unique and stunning atmosphere for your guests that is bound to be unforgettable!