Spaces of Wonder

Kata Tipis are now here in the United States

and Nashville, Tennessee

Whether you spell it Tipi, or Teepee, these european inspired tents are a welcome change to the white plastic tents of todays events.  Finding their origins in northern Scandinavia near the Arctic Circle, these modern versions of a time past are perfect for events that don't want to look like everyone else's.

Two Monkeys Vintage is now the US distributor of Kata Tipis, United Kingdom, manufacturer of the stunning Kata Tipis from the northern Scandinavian areas near the Arctic Circle. European in origin, they're already all the rage in the United Kingdom and Australia with these incredible tents are now showing up at weddings and events here in the United States.  Whether you want to purchase them to rent for local events & festivals; or put one up on your own property to create a venue; let Kata Tipis US is your source for Katas.

Beginning summer 2017, we will be opening a Kata Tipi based venue right here in Nashville.  The Katas of Nashville will feature two stunning Kata Tipis joined together to create an atmosphere and ambiance like no other venue in Nashville.  The Katas of Nashville will be the perfect venue for destination weddings, elopements, 2nd weddings and intimate receptions.  The venue will be limited to small groups of 50 or less.   


We're open are ready for bookings.