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Already have a tent rental business, or thought about expanding your party or wedding rental business? Today’s generation of customers is looking for individuality and want that unique touch for their event. Whether a wedding or a corporate event, your clients are looking to impress their guests. Tipis are a path to give your clients and brides a venue setting simply not found anywhere else in the United States.  

If you've ever wished you had gotten in on the "next" trend in your business and you want
to have an edge on your competitors, look no further than these Tipis . Large Tipi/Teepee weddings and  events are already the rage in the United Kingdom and Australia, they're coming here. They're already here.

Our Tipis are constructed of materials that give them a different look and ethos about them. Even plain They're earthy,  And they're "Green" for today's environmentally conscious brides, clients and companies.  

Line 5.jpg

Even plain without any decor or draping, they could pass as decorated.  No more trying to fill white space.  The natural soft, warm natural look with their hand hewn poles will welcome clients into a venue that surprises and delights them.

Interior Clean Comparison.jpg
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And from the outside with just lights, the Tipis are almost already magical.

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Of course, lights, draping and decor will make any space beautiful.  Yet the wow factor is still with the tipis.  Imagine your clients walking into the spaces below.  On the left, seen it already.  On the right, looking up to the 25 foot centers of a Tipi, the fairy lights....  its almost magical. 

Line 5.jpg

Are you clients tired of the same venues with the same look.  Tipis can provide your clients with a unique look where they can WOW their customers.  The look alone will draw customers at a festival.  And customer will truly feel like a VIP when they walk into a corporate VIP tent in a Tipi. 

As the only assigned distributor for Kata Tipis UK here in the United States, we can sell you your own Tipis.