Pricing Guide

Here's the skinny on what you can expect the bottom line to look like when working with us.

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As a specialty and boutique service with a collection of thousands of items, it can be hard to simply answer “what will it cost?”.  .

There are four main factors that make up our pricing, including:

  • Rental Rates
  • Rental Deposits
  • Damage Waiver
  • Delivery/Pickup
  • Sales Tax

We’re going to go ahead and break them each down in detail below, so you can have a better idea of what to expect!  Of course, once you have a date and venue, we are happy to put together a custom proposal with pricing for you – just reach out and ask!

Rental Rates:

Since our collection is filled with unique & custom items our pricing varies by piece, but a general guideline is below:

  • Upholstered Sofas $115-$145

  • Upholstered Chairs $35-$45

  • Farm Tables $65

  • Side Tables $15-$40

  • Dining Chairs $4.00-$8.00

  • Bars $150-$400

  • Smallwares $2-$20+

  • Large Architectural Pieces (Arbors, Backdrops & Doors) $40-$175

Rental Deposits

It’s pretty simple actually – you pick out items from the collection you’re interested in and we create a custom proposal for you. Once everything looks good on your proposal, you confirm it with a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your desired items on the date of  your choice. 

Damage Waiver:

We know that our items sometimes get a little too much love, so a mandatory non-refundable 10% damage waiver on the rental rates of your items is added to every delivery order (if you’re placing a will-call order and picking up and returning the items to our warehouse yourself, the damage waiver will be 15%).  This covers normal wear & tear on our collection, but does not cover gross negligence – such as damage caused by children with sharpies (eeeek!) or pieces not protected from inclement weather. This damage waiver can be removed if you have purchased a wedding or event insurance policy – we just ask that you provide us with a certificate of insurance!

  • Delivery & Pickup by Two Monkeys Vintage:  10% Damage Waiver added
  • Pickup & Return by renting customer:   15% Damage Waiver added

Delivery & Pickup:

We don’t just “deliver” and “pick up” – your installation and retrieval fees include so much more!  The fees for this vary based on location, order size, items selected, and how particular you need our team to be with the timing of of their arrival.

Beginning fees start at $100.  

Sales Tax:

We are required by the government to charge sales tax on any items picked up at our warehouse or delivered in the state of Tennessee.  The sales tax in Davidson County sales tax is 9.25% If you are tax-exempt and provide us with your tax-exempt certificate prior to confirming your order, we can remove that line item from your proposal.


Ready to get a full proposal with pricing of all your favorite  Drop us a line and we’ll get something started for you!