Part of the magic of these Scandinavian tents is the ability for them to link together into multiple configurations.  However, when linking multiple tipis together, you should consider  using a Connecting Panel Kit. 

Linking Kit 01.png

Without Connecting Panel Kit

The two tipis above have been connected together by lifting their sides closest to the other tipi.  However, as you can see from the circular shape of the canvas, the inner edges of the tipi lift, creating a gap between the ground and the edge of the canvas. 

Linking Kit 02.png

With Connecting Panel Kit

A connecting panel kit is used to close the gap created when two tipis are linked together.  A connecting panel kit consists of a two large rectangular panels of matching canvas that are intended to close the gap created when two or more tipis are connected together.  The link panels are placed on the inside of the tipis and strapped to the support poles of the already erected tipis.  

One Connecting Panel

You might choose to connect one side of the tents to close off a particular view you prefer your guests not see. Or, you may want to focus guests' attention to a specific area of the tents, such as a spectacular entry you have designed.

Two Connecting Panels

Using both panels of a Connecting Panel kit allows you to completely enclose the tipis, creating a more intimate space, or allowing the tipis to be heated in cooler weather.