European Inspiration:  The Canvas Tipi

Two Tipis under the lights in Industry City in Brooklyn, New York

Two Tipis under the lights in Industry City in Brooklyn, New York

The Nordic Tipi...

Already popular in the UK and Australia, these inviting canvas shelters have made their way to the US.

All the rage in the United Kingdom and Australia, these tall canvas structures are becoming a static wedding trend overseas, especially after Pippa Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister) threw a lavish New Year's party under a “Canvas Palace” in 2013. Historically, these large pointed shelters were much smaller and used by native tribes all over the world including Scandinavia, Southern Australia and Western Europe. These draw their origins from northern Scandinavia above the Arctic Circle.

Their design creates a warm earthy ethos, inspiring a wide variety of  themes not found in the States.

The tipis cross multiple themed styles and are simply stunning. Use the tipis as a backdrop for a private ceremony and a cozy environment for the reception or after party. Throw in a matching gazebo or archway with an outdoor ceremony and a bonfire under the stars for a few popular accompaniments. Corporate clients wanting
to give their customers a real "VIP" feeling will find a home run with
the tipis.

Overall, this worldly trend is a refreshing alternative to the white plastic tent. The term "magical" is frequently heard when guests walk into them, surprised by their height and beauty within.

Based on the size of your event, they can accommodate around 45 guests for a single tipi and up to and more than 200 guests when multiple tipis are linked together.    

While tipis are definitely the ultimate venue for brides seeking a down-to-earth style wedding, these statement-making huts aren't for those on a slim budget. Despite the price tag, with the growing popularity of the canvas marquee overseas, don't be surprised as they start popping up more often in the States.