Delivery Charges

Delivery/pickup by Two Monkeys Vintage is calculated including charges associated with truck rental charges, mileage charges to and from delivery location, and gas charges. Delivery charges are typically pass through charges for which we do not make any profit:

     -  Cost of Truck Rental, + gas charge
     -  Roundtrip Mileage:  pickup AND delivery (+10 miles)
               -  Mileage for delivery, calculated at $1.00 per mile, roundtrip
               -  Mileage for pickup, calculated at $1.00 per mile, round trip.  
               -  Truck mileage from dealership (10 miles round trip)

                  *mileage is calculated using Google maps from our location at 4225 Central
                    Pike, Hermitage, TN, 37076, to the address of delivery.

     - Styling/setup fees are billed separately at an hourly rate.

Example Delivery Charges:  Venue location is 22 miles from our showroom:  Delivery is scheduled for Friday delivery and pickup on Sunday.  These are estimated charges only.

  • Delivery: 22 miles to/from showroom to venue.  44 miles roundtrip
    44 miles x $1.00 per mile = $44.00
  • Pickup: 22 miles to/from showroom to venue.  44 miles roundtrip
    44 miles x $1.00 per mile = $44.00
  • Dealership Mileage  (10 milse x $1.00 per mile) = $10
  • Truck Rental:  19.95/day x 3 days = $59.85*
  • Gas Charge:  Billed at cost:  estimated $12.00
  • Tax

                                              Example Total Delivery Fee:   $169.85 + $15.71 Tax = $185.56

NOTE:  Additional labor charges may apply if items are delivered to a location/venue where the rented items must be moved to a specific location requiring items to b a significant distance (typically more than 250 feet); across grass; up or down stairs; or requiring the use of elevators.

*  Rentals with a large number of items may require a larger truck at a higher rate.
*  All rented items must be properly and securely in an enclosed or covered vehicle/trailer/truck.


Taxes:  Are delivery charges taxable for sales tax purposes?

Two Monkeys Vintage charges sales tax on all delivery charges.

"Under Tennessee law, “sales price” specifically includes delivery charges in the sales price of a transaction. When a seller adds delivery charges (e.g., shipping, freight, postage, handling, etc.) to an invoice, these charges are taxable if the transaction is taxable or exempt if the transaction is exempt."