About Us: Meet Gary and Klista Storts, the faces behind Tipis of Nashville and Two Monkeys Vintage Rentals. Our desire is to help you start the next chapter in your life's adventure with flair but without breaking the bank!
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About Our Name: When choosing our company name, we wanted a name that had special meaning for two of us. The name "Two Monkeys Vintage" has its origins in a cuddly set of hugging stuffed monkeys that Klista's dad bought her mom for Valentine's Day years back in the 1960's. Periodically, one of them would place the monkeys somewhere in the house as a reminder to the other that they were thinking of them. This tradition continued for decades during their lives together.  When Klista's mother passed away after 54 years of marriage to her father, Klista inherited the two loving stuffed monkeys.  Now, the tradition lives on though the two of us.  As we travel with our jobs, we sneak the monkeys into suitcases to remind the other that we're thinking of them as they're away.  We know, its cheesy -- but it's been part of our love story for more than three decades! Our hope for you is that the couples we work with  discover a tradition to call their own, because it's the little things in life that truly do make a difference!

About Our Business: There are two aspects to our business:

We now import Scandinavian event tipis from Great Britain so our customers can have events like none other in United States.  These towering wood and canvas structures embody an earthy vibe that will amaze your guests with a look and feel that simply isn't found with any other event tent. And as the only US based importer and distributor of Kata Tipis, not only do we rent tipis for events, but we sell them, as well.

Secondly, we have a boutique wedding rental business specializing in romantic vintage, antique furnishings and decor for your wedding and events.